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Azad Foundation

Livelihoods with dignity for women

Azad Foundation is driven by the vision of a world where all women – in particular women from underprivileged backgrounds – enjoy full citizenship, earn a livelihood with dignity and generate wealth and value for all.
Azad Foundation’s mission is to equip resource-poor women with knowledge and skills so that they excel as professionals and entrepreneurs, and earn a “livelihood with dignity” in jobs and markets that had traditionally been closed to them.
We believe that when women are socially and economically empowered, they become catalysts of change – not just in their own lives, but also in their families and communities.
We work with resource-poor women to enable them to:
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Care India

Our Vision
We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.

Our Mission
CARE India helps alleviate poverty and social exclusion by facilitating empowerment of women and girls from poor and marginalised communities.

Our Programme Goal
Women and girls from the most marginalised communities are empowered, live in dignity and their households have secure and resilient lives. CARE India will accomplish this goal by working with 50 million people to help them meet their health, education and livelihood entitlements.
Our Core Values
Our commitment towards a better society drives us. CARE’’s core values inform all of our work. They shape what we do and how we do it. They bind us to a collective vision and purpose.
CARE staffers act in a manner that reflects a true belief in and appreciation for the dignity and potential of all human beings. Gaining people’s’ confidence and creating an environment of trust and openness is essential to our work.
Maintaining social, ethical, and organisational norms; firmly adhering to codes of conduct and ethical principles are inherent to CARE.
Using appropriate interpersonal styles and techniques to gain acceptance of ideas or plans; modifying one’s own behavior to accommodate tasks, situations, and individuals involved.
Setting high standards of performance for self and/or others; assuming responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks; self-imposing standards of excellence; ensuring interactions and transactions are ethical and convey integrity. CARE also embraces DIVERSITY through promoting, valuing, respecting and fully benefiting from each individual’s unique qualities, background, race, culture, age, gender, disability, values, lifestyle, perspectives or interests; creating and maintaining a work environment that promotes and celebrates diversity.

Drishti Foundation Trust

Our Mission:
Providing quality of education, Awareness and health care in the spirit of the society, especially the poor, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised irrespective of caste and creed.

Our Vision:
To identify and work with the impoverished, weaker and vulnerable sections of the society to find solutions to the challenges threatening their lives with the ultimate aim of establishing an aware, responsible and developed society based upon equality, fraternity and social justice, ensuring sustainable and holistic development with emphasis on human rights, and a culture of social service through creating synergy and building strategic partnership with the Government, NGOs (non-government organizations), SHGs (self help groups), CBOs (community based organizations) and various national and international organizations by planning appropriate downstream and upstream interventions.

Core values:

We believe in the provision of humanitarian assistance to people wherever it is needed to relieve suffering and sickness.

Our staff, members and partners are professional people committed to providing high quality training and expertise in disaster relief and rehabilitation.

We work with people regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.

We believe that partnerships with individuals, other organisations and communities promote creative and fruitful initiatives.
We believe that people in communities and aid agencies should be empowered to develop skills for immediate and future disaster response.
We believe people affected by any social or medical can and should be empowered to contribute to relief, rehabilitation and development efforts.



Swadhina: Changing Life & Living
Swadhina (Self-esteemed Women), established in 1986, is primarily a civil society organization focused on Empowerment of women & Child Development based on Sustainable Development and Right Lively hood.
At Swadhina we believe that positive social change has a direct effect on the lives of women and that change is possible only through an equal and spontaneous participation of Women. We are active in five states across the country in remote tribal districts of Singbhums in Jharkhand, Purulia and West Midnapur in West Bengal, Kanya Kumari in Tamil Nadu, Mayurbhanj in Orissa and East Champaran in Bihar. Over 3200 families, 80 villages, 5100 women and 2400 children belonging to economically backward classes are covered under Swadhina programmes.
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Women form the core of every society. The Tanishka Foundation is a Global peer to peer women’s network focused on ensuring the dignity of women at the individual, household and community level. The network works through fora which provide a universal platform for women to come together via the formation of structured community networks that are supported by a multi-stakeholder ecosystem that identifies and resolves core issues affecting them and ensuring them of a dignified life with emotional, physical and financial security. This is brought about through the implementation of a unique, multi layered structured process that results in tangible changes in their lives across all strata of society, empowering them socially, economically and politically. The Tanishka Foundation stands committed to assuring women of the respect and dignity they deserve, and ensuring that they are at the core of Nation Transformation.
TANISHKA Foundation envisions a world where women with strong voices become active leaders.
Each Tanishka Forum is a group of 10-15 members in the age group 24-65 years who meet on a regular basis in a friendly and trusting environment. The forum is an avenue to freely share individual experiences and look for local solutions pertaining to physical, emotional and financial security. The members mutually discuss social issues, which is beneficial for women and also society at large. The forum also provides avenues for women to be able to raise these issues at the appropriate levels and bring in a socio economic transformation in the society.
Key Features of the Tanishka Foundation

    • Grass-roots level network
    • Spread across each and every district (35) in Maharashtra with representation from every block
    • Currently 110,000 members and growing
    • Diverse and inclusive
    • Represents minorities, backward and tribal communities
    • Represents urban and rural communities
    • Operates through groups of 10-15 members called ‘Forums’
    • 24/7 communication backbone through call centre
    • 5,000 success stories of grassroots level transformations

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